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Young people and the best approach to investing, 529 plans, and special guest, long-time Hanson McClain advisor Barbara Healy.

The program begins with a call from a 22-year old Washington resident who wants to start preparing for retirement. Scott and Pat then discuss early experiences that led them to want to understand money. Next, a caller asks about 529 plans, what are they used for, and is there any flexibility once they’ve been funded? Lastly, HMA’s Barbara Healy visits the show to talk about the financial impact of losing your spouse, including an analysis of which decisions need to be made right away, and which decisions can wait.

How Money Matters came to be, when an inheritance might be bad for the kids, and what to do with massive student loan debt.

Scott and Pat open the show with a recap about how Hanson McClain’s Money Matters came to be. That is followed by a trio of callers, including a person who is worried about leaving too much money to her children. Our second caller is a devoted, career teacher still carrying a heavy student loan debt load. Next, a caller from the Midwest has accrued $1.6 million, has a pension and a dairy farm, but needs some specific financial advice. Lastly, special guest Hersh Shefrin, PhD., joins the program to discuss the 2008 financial collapse and behavioral finance.

Unusual reasons it’s important to be financially prepared for retirement, and how to avoid common regrets once you leave the workforce.

This week’s show begins with a conversation about the type of client-centric, non-self-serving advice Scott and Pat provide. This is followed by a series of callers that begins with a question about Social Security and “file and suspend.” Simply, where did it go? Next, a caller who has saved almost $2 million, but feels, based on his lifestyle, that it might not be enough. The episode culminates with a visit from 20-year HMA advisor, our Chief Investment Officer, David Schauer, who checks in with an interesting client story about health savings accounts and IRAs.

The 4th of July, A Pensioner with Social Security, and Special Guest, Age Wave’s Maddy Dychtwald

Scott and Pat reminisce about the 4th of July, then answer a pensioner’s question about when he should take Social Security. Next, a caller who is just now recovering from the 2008 financial collapse wants to know if she should buy a home or keep saving for the future. Lastly, special guest, author and demographics expert Maddy Dychtwald discusses economic trends, retirement and immigration.

Properly “weighting” your portfolio, timing markets, and listener calls from around the country.

A discussion about why it’s important that callers to Money Matters be able to remain anonymous. Scott and Pat take a call from a new retiree who receives money from a 403(b), a pension, and an inheritance that she wants to be moved to a new advisor. A Seattle tech employee wants to learn about “factor investing,” and why it’s out of favor. This is followed by a caller wondering how to “time” his Social Security application to maximize his benefits. Lastly, HMA advisor Lauren Williams shares an uplifting story about guiding a client through an unfortunate series of personal and professional tragedies.

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