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This “best of” Money Matters includes calls about liquidating annuities, high mutual fund fees, and investment conflicts.

On this week’s special “Best Of” Money Matters, Scott and Pat advise a New Jersey caller who wants to liquidate a $130,000 annuity. A caller wants to know why the fees on his mutual funds are so high. A Sacramento caller wants to know if he can afford to retire and move to Thailand. Finally, a police officer wants to know if the windfall elimination provision will impact his Social Security.          

Record inflation, building long-term wealth, and converting a term life insurance policy.

On this week’s Money Matters, Scott and Pat advise a 28-year-old California caller earning $120,000 a year and who wants to create some additional revenue streams. A 67-year-old wonders if her investment risk exposure is in line with her age and rate of savings. A married man wants advice about investing the proceeds from a home sale. Lastly, a man wants to know if he should convert his term life insurance policy.   

Elusive financial confidence, taxation on life insurance, and liquidating a large annuity.

On this week’s Money Matters, Scott and Pat debate what it means to have financial confidence before advising a caller about paying income tax on a life insurance windfall. A retiree has $220,000 invested in an annuity and wants guidance about how to keep his tax obligation low. And, finally, a Salt Lake City man wants to know if saving 42% of the family income will be enough to fund retirement.        

The impact of omicron, pros and cons of inflation bonds, rental property, and excess debt.

On this week’s Money Matters, Scott and Pat advise a caller who wants to know about inflation bonds, then answer a question from a South Carolinian with three rentals, a $1.2 million portfolio, and a moderate amount of debt. A caller from Georgia wants to know what to do with $400,000 from the sale of a business. A caller wants to know whether he should take Social Security at age 62, age 65, or age 70. Finally, a Northern California caller owns three rentals outright but has a $300,000 mortgage on her primary residence and wants advice on whether she should invest or pay off the loan.        

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