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The COVID resistant market, savings advice for late bloomers, and required minimum distributions.

On this week’s Money Matters, Scott and Pat begin the show by discussing the seemingly COVID-resistant stock market. A married caller with high income and no savings wants to know how she can make up ground. A 71-year-old caller wants information on required minimum distributions. Next, a 61-year-old with five separate retirement savings accounts wants to know which vehicle he should tap first. Lastly, a caller wants to know if he should sell his losing stocks.        

Family financial conversations, money from an inheritance, and an overview of SEPs.

On this week’s Money Matters, Scott and Pat begin the show by discussing some recent conversations they’ve had with their own families about money. A caller recently lost both her parents and wants advice on what to do with the $400,000 inheritance. A self-employed caller wants information on SEPs. A savvy California investor wants to know if her stock allocation is age appropriate.

Financial resolutions for the New Year, debt management, and Indexed Universal Life

On this New Year’s 2022 edition of Money Matters, Scott and Pat discuss keeping financial resolutions, before advising a caller who is curious about indexed universal life insurance. A Michigan caller wants to know about the feasibility of leasing part of his land to an energy company. Finally, a caller with a net worth of $2.2 million, which she mostly keeps in cash, wants to know if she should invest in the stock market.       

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