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How to Afford Retirement & Your Child’s College Education

June 23, 2018

On this week’s Hanson McClain’s Money Matters radio show, Scott and Pat take several calls and talk about how to afford retirement and paying for a child’s college costs.

Scott and Pat take a call from a man who is retired but working on contract, must take his required minimum distributions and doesn’t need the money but wants to know what he should do with the money. A caller recently met with a financial advisor who told him to refinance his mortgage and increase his contributions to his retirement accounts instead of paying off his mortgage, and he wants to know if that is good advice. A man who is looking for a financial advisor wants to what he should be researching when trying to find a well-qualified financial advisor. A caller’s wife was let go after 30 years with her company, and the husband wants to know if she can afford not to go back to work and retire.