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Best of Show: Retirement Planning and Underfunded Pensions

May 26, 2018

This week’s Hanson McClain’s Money Matters is a “best of” show featuring our top retirement focused calls. Scott and Pat also talk about underfunded pensions and what it might mean for retirees.

Scott and Pat take a call from a man who’s due to inherit $80,000 and wants to know how to use the money to prepare for retirement. A couple who used to contribute to non-deductible IRAs back when their income was higher, wants to know what type of retirement account(s) they should roll the funds into. A caller with $1.6 million in retirement savings, and who is due to receive a monthly pension of $2,800, wants to know if he’ll be able to afford a mortgage of $2,200 once he stops working. A Bay Area woman with two rentals asks if she should cash out her 401(k) to pay off the loans. A man who owns a home in Reno, has a $4,000 a month pension, and $35,000 in an IRA, wants to know if he has enough income to retire.