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Having Too Much Company Stock Can Be Risky

May 12, 2018

On this week’s Hanson McClain’s Money Matters, Scott and Pat talk about the potential risks that exist when an investor is overweighted in their company’s stock. They also take several calls and talk about how financial planning is a dynamic process that should evolve and change as an investor’s life changes.

Scott and Pat take a call from a man who wants to know if he should purchase a whole life insurance policy. A woman who has a $100,000 in a 401(k), wants to know if she should move the money to CD ladders to avoid risk. A caller’s mother has gifted her $14,000 and planned to gift her more money; the caller wants to know how much she can be gifted before she will owe taxes. A man who is 66 wants to know if he should take his Social Security or wait until his full retirement age at 70.